What is RSVP Kingz? (New Customer)

New customer? Welcome to RSVP Kingz!

We are the leading AutoCheckout service in the sneaker industry. Looking to secure a limited sneaker or apparel item online? We do all the work for you on release day. Order a slot for the sneaker/item you would like to secure. We will completely automate the buying process for you while you stay fast asleep on release day.

Here's how easy it is.

First, select the sneaker or item you would like to secure. Choose your size and purchase your slot.

Nextyou will be automatically redirected to submit your AutoCheckout info. This is the info we will use to purchase the sneaker from the retailer on release day, on your behalf.

Finally, on release day, we will run your AutoCheckout slot through our system and secure your pair! We handle everything and cook for you while you stay fast asleep!

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